I interrupt my train of thought and remind you that back pain can be mentally and physically experienced by anyone. Whether you tolerate pain or not, it is important to consider how you will feel when you get up the next morning. On many occasions, the same injury can plague people in vastly different ways. The difference in symptoms may be minor or extreme. It is important to consider how you will feel when you get up the next morning. Yes, I am that patient. Most of you are not and I am not just picking on those who have health challenges. I am also not a doctor and I am not giving any medical advice. I am sharing my experience with you to help you further understand what your body is going to do when faced with a situation or an injury. In some cases, there may be an alternative method to address the situation and your unique feeling is the only thing contributing to your discomfort or your lack of mobility.

The Importance of Having Great Feet

Trying on shoes that do not fit is also part of my massaging technique. We all have these stupid ideas that shoes must be different shapes and sizes because they have different heels or caps to match the other sized foot. Wrong. If you have the wrong shoe, the heel can be compressed and your foot the set back. It is much easier to use a shoe that is the wrong size in the beginning stages of the morning when your foot is slightly more mobile and poisons the circulation to your feet. Over time, the poorly fitting foot can begin to become a dislike even though you continue to wear the shoes. In addition, you can also begin to rely on the support that other parts of the shoes offer such as extra support and sometimes pain reduction from the cushioning. When you add these other parts to the equation, it is easy to understand why more and more people begin to enjoy these different parts of the spa experience.

Massaging your feet is also a great, new, and fun way to experience the rejuvenation of life. (zlrunop.com)

When it comes to rest, our feet join our hands as one of the most important body parts to consider. Our feet are usually the last to get treated at the feet. Imagine what might happen if you stopped massage therapy; what type of results would you expect? While the hands and upper limbs may be regularly massaged at the feet, the feet, including the toes are usually left to their own devices until the physician feels the need to treat them. This can be years in the future, sometimes even decades in some cases. If you neglect your feet, expect great difficulties in the future.

The most important thing for anyone who wishes to have great feet is to learn, early in life, to care for them properly. This will go a long way in preventing or at least discouraging, any later arthritic aches and pains from arising. There is nothing like proper preparation before beginning to do anything that will transform your body. This is why I started this blog, to be able to assist those of you who are preparing to begin your foot massage treatment.

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